Domenico Cannizzaro 

.... from the beginning

Domenico Cannizzaro was born in Reggio Calabria in 1983.

He began his career as a competitive sports dance dancer in the 10 dances, Standard and Latin American, at the age of 7 years. Internationally renowned athlete both as an amateur and as a professional, he is an Italian Champion, World Finalist and Winner of International Competitions such as the 10 Danze European Cup and the German Open Championship.

He graduated in 2001 at the Attilio Da Empoli Commercial Technical Institute in Reggio Calabria. He began traveling the world at the age of 14.

He has always practiced Sport Dance in its entirety, always competing since he was a child in the highest competitive class accessible only for sporting merits, the AS class, in both Olympic disciplines the Standard Dances and Latin American Dances, and in the Combined 10 Dances, discipline that groups them.

The strongest talent of Italian and World Sport Dance is defined by the most illustrious masters and international experts as it is the only one in the world that manages to dance at the highest level both disciplines (Standard and Latin Dances) as a specialist. Usually the pairs of dancers who practice the combined 10 Dances tend to be stronger in one of the two.

He has always represented the Italian national team of CONI with the FIDS Italian Sports Dance Federation, and competed in the WDSF World Dance Sport Federation.

At only 16 years of age in the YOUTH category he won his first Italian Absolute Title and represented Italy in Ukraine at the World Championship where he crowned his first World Final, finishing in 4th place.

As an Amateur and Professional he has collected 6 Italian Absolute Titles, 7 World Championship Finals, 3 European Championship Finals, and has won the European Cup in Russia, a World Cup Final, a Blackpool Dance Festival Final, a victory at the German Open Championship, and many other international successes.

His was a choice of life, dancing and conquering international successes in sports halls, theaters all over the world, for example Royal Albert Hall in London, Winter Gardens in Blackpool etc.


Domenico is the youngest Italian bellerino to have switched to Professionalism. At only 25 years of age and after obtaining Italian Titles, Finals in the World and Wins at the European Cups as an Amateur he decides to switch to professionalism. Even more extraordinary than just passed, he immediately won 4th place in the Professional World Championship 10 Dances WDC. Thus proclaiming his record as the youngest Italian dancer to conquer a Final in the World as a Professional.

The awards and honors

During his career Domenico has received numerous awards from the highest national and world federal offices, from CONI, from national and international professional bodies.

His achievements and results have been rewarded with a Medal for Athletic Valor by the CONI International Olympic Committee chaired by Giovanni Petrucci, with the recognition and qualification as Official of Competition in Standard and Latin Dances in the highest level of FIDS for sporting merits , by the AVV. Luca Pancalli commissioner of CONI, with the Diploma, always for sporting merits, of Dance Master in Standard Dances and Latin Dances in the highest level (GOLD) by the ANMB National Association of Balllo Masters recognized by the Ministry of the Interior, and the Diploma of International Master of the WDC World Dance Council, MIDAS Diploma the only body of category of technicians recognized by FIDS, in the highest level of Standard and Latin American Dances. He was also part of the Blue Club of FIDS Coni in 2014 together with Valeria Pittalis.

The competitive career and professional activity

Domenico conquered the FINAL at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 10 Professional WDSF Dances on 09 November 2019 in Portugal, he's constantly competing agonistically and professionally all over the world. Required as International judges, international coaches, lectures speakers, shows around world: Italy, China, United States, Japan, Germany, England, Russia etc.

After conquering everything, the only goal left is to win the Professional 10 Dances World Championship, for which he dedicates his life and his daily sacrifices of hard work and training.